Cremation Furnace, Cremation OvenChoose the Best Cremation Equipment for your Funeral Home

The rise in popularity of cremation across the world has funeral directors considering adding a crematorium to their space. You may have already decided to invest in adding cremation services.

The next step is to choose your cremation equipment. When it comes to your business, change that involves a great financial impact is not taken lightly. This puts a lot of pressure on choosing the right equipment to cater your company’s needs.

What do businesses look for when choosing cremation equipment:

  • Equipment: high quality, high production, high operation efficiency
  • Operation: reliable, safe, environmentally friendly
  • Service: easy to operate, easy to service/fix
  • Made by experienced manufacturers
  • Manufacturer has a great reputation
  • Advanced technology
  • Fairly priced
  • Meets all EPA and standard requirements
  • Built to last

What qualities make the best cremation equipment?
You may have little to no experience when it comes to cremation. Here are a few things manufacturers of crematoriums think are important qualities to look for as well:

  • Easy and efficient to operate
  • Basic 1 step automatic operation
  • Computer based data collection
  • Touch screen digital controls
  • High efficiency refractory lining to withstand high temperatures
  • Auto pollution monitoring and control
  •  A system that monitors and controls temperature in the retort stack area to prevent potential fire conditions
  • The right size for your space

Cremation Systems, a division of Armil CFS, has years of experience in custom manufacturing of high temp process equipment, furnaces, kilns and incineration equipment. With almost 50 years of furnace technology behind it, Cremation Systems’ CFS 2300 is the most fuel efficient, user friendly cremation chamber on the market today. Cremation Systems latest innovations – Tek Marshal, Fire Marshal and the Quick Change Hearth, available only in our CFS 2300 equipment, provides our customers with a unit that has the lowest operating cost in the industry. The unparalleled installation services and remote monitoring capabilities of Cremation Systems have raised the industry standard of cremation equipment.