Cremation Systems’ CFS 2300 Human Cremation Chamber is designed to be both easy and efficient to operate. The CFS 2300 comes standard the pre-fired Quick Change Hearth, Fire Marshal monitoring system, and is also available with Tek Marshal remote diagnostics. An opacity sensor monitors emissions, ensuring all EPA requirements are met. Units arrive at your site ready to connect to gas and electric and are installed by Cremation Systems personnel.

CFS2300 Human Chamber features include:cremsys-chamber

  • One step, automatic operation
  • High efficiency refractory lining
  • Hot hearth, recessed design with Quick Change Hearth tiles.
  • Capacity 750+ lbs, 150 lbs/hr rate
  • Automatic pollution monitoring and control
  • PC based data collection
  • Touch screen digital controls
  • UL listed

General Dimensions:

  • Height 7′-7 1/2″
  • Width 5′-3″, at the control panel 6′-5″
  • Length 15′- 4”
  • Hearth Area 42″ W x 89 L”
  • Door Size 42″ wide x 25″ tall

Utility requirements:

  • Natural Gas: 1000 Btu/cu ft, 2,350CFH at 7″ w.c. OR
  • Propane: 2500 Btu/cu ft, 940 CFH at 11″ w.c. Electrical 240 v, 1 phase, 40 amp

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