CFS 3000 Cremation ChamberBuilding onto the success of the CFS 2300, the CFS 3000 has been designed to address the needs of higher volume crematories. Built to industrial specifications, the CFS 3000 uses the latest in combustion and control technologies proven on our industrial equipment. The robust refractory design allows for long life and efficient operation.

CFS3000 Human Chamber features include:

  • One step, automatic operation – utilization of an advanced “Set Point Programming” to control the temperature for a completely automatic cremation cycle.
  • High efficiency refractory lining – a combination of premium firebrick, pre-cast refractory shapes and ceramic fiber insulation for a lightweight, energy-efficient lining
  • Hot hearth, recessed design with Quick Change Hearth tiles – Quick Change hearth is a pre-cast refractory tile system. These tiles are in stock, minimizing cremator downtime by allowing for one-day hearth repair.
  • Automatic pollution monitoring and control – An opacity sensor in the CFS 3000 monitors emissions, ensuring EPA requirements are met.
  • Touch screen digital controls – Store case data on a flash drive and send it to any PC or smart phone via email!
  • PC based data collection
  • Capacity 1000+ lbs., 250 lbs./hr. rateCFS 3000 Cremation Chamber


General Dimensions:

  • Height 8’-10″
  • Width 6’-5 1/2”, at the control panel 7′ 8 1⁄2″
  • Length 15′- 1”
  • Hearth Area 54″ W x 101 L”
  • Door Size 54″ wide x 31″ tall

Utility requirements:

  • Natural Gas: 1000 Btu/cu ft, 3,380 CFH at 7″ w.c.
  • Electrical 208/240 v, 1 phase, 60 amp 6 AWG wiring

Download the CFS 3000 PDF