Cremation Systems utilizes the latest in combustion, control, emissions, and refractory technology to produce a modern, state of the art cremator that will provide years of efficient and economical service. The Cremation Systems chamber weighs less than 16,000 lbs., has a built in Fire Marshal™ Retort Monitor, a combustion chamber, and is delivered ready for installation by our staff. Other manufacturers pass the responsibility for installation on to the purchaser.

Loading, transporting, delivering, and installing cremation chambers in funeral homes and crematories requires unique technical skills. There is no reason to trust subcontractors who have never performed these tasks. Cremation Systems installers have installed our retorts all over the country. Cremation Systems is your one stop shop for crematory equipment, installation, and service.

CFS 2300 Installations

Looking to differentiate yourself from the competition? Create a viewing area to impress your customers and increase your sales. Cremation Systems has almost 50 years of custom industrial furnace design and manufacturing experience. Every cremation market is different, you can trust Cremation Systems to design, build, deliver, and install exactly what your crematoria needs to succeed.

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Turnkey Crematories

CremSys offers high quality crematory design packages including cremation ovens and furnaces for human cremation and animal cremation.

Key Features Include:

  • Viewing Window
  • Control System
  • Walk in Cooler
  • Quick Change Hearth System
  • Fire Marshal Crematory Monitoring System

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Zoning Hearing Prep

It is important to understand what goes into a zoning hearing. For example, funeral directors will need to verify zoning for the proposed location of the human cremation equipment and confirm that a cremation chamber is allowed. It is important to research all local crematoriums and document how long they have been in operation.

Learn more about Zoning Hearing Prep.

For more information about our cremation equipment:

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