Cremation Systems’ CFS 2300 startup procedure and remote access

Armil CFS engineers designed the Cremation Systems CFS 2300, utilizing the most up to date industrial technology available. They set out to provide funeral homes and crematories the cremation equipment they need and the high-quality standards that they expect.

Cremation Systems recognized the multitude of processes involved in operating a crematory. Funeral directors and cremationists have a vast array of responsibilities. From operating the funeral home to overseeing both burial and cremation services.  Finding solutions that keep the operator working efficiently and the incinerator operating safely was their goal. The Cremation Systems’ CFS 2300 allows for both. Offering a crematorium, the ability to professionally operate crematory equipment and take steps toward preventive maintenance at the same time.

User friendly Operation Begins With The Start Up Procedure

Start Up Procedure of The CFS 2300

Human Cremation Chamber touch pad start up sequence operates as follows:

  1. The date and time are automatically recorded upon start up
  2. Next the cremationist will enter the deceased first and last name
  3. The operator will then enter the case weight and gender
  4. Lastly, touching the green ‘START” button on the screen will begin the cremation process

Here are some of the CFS 2300 system’s most notable features:

  • One step, automatic operation:  The Cremation Systems CFS 2300 utilizes advanced “Set Point Programming” to control temperature for a completely automatic cremation cycle.
  • Touch Screen Digital Controls: With one of the most comprehensive and intuitive, user-friendly touch screens available. This means no timers, switches or guessing for the crematory operator when it comes time for the cremation equipment to begin operation. Also, offering ability for case data to be stored on a flash drive and automatically sent to any PC or smart phone via email
  • Remote Access via the Internet: Remote access of crematory conditions via the internet for off-site monitoring and alarm notification. 

Tek Marshal – Allows for internet retort diagnostics and remote access reduce the need for on-site repair technicians and provides technical guidance during human cremations and pet cremations. Tek Marshal, an industry leading Internet Remote Diagnostic Module for the CFS 2300. Tek Marshal is the most sophisticated Internet Retort Diagnostics product available, it can identify low flame strength signals, tripped relays, blown fuses and more.

Fire Marshal – This monitoring system comes standard with the CFS 2300 and monitors the temperature in the retort stack area to prevent potential fire conditions. The Fire Marshal operates on-site or remotely to safely monitor and control your retort during all operating cycles.

  • Audible alarm sounds when stack area temperature reaches 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Email alert to your smart phone and personal computer when stack area temperature reaches 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Automatic shut-down of the retort when stack area temperature reaches 500 degrees Fahrenheit, preventing the occurrence of any potential fire at these high temperatures.
  • Annual reporting requirements made fast and easy providing complete data acquisition of all case documentation during retort operation
  • Automatic pollution monitoring and control – An opacity sensor in the CFS 2300 monitors emissions, ensuring EPA requirements are met.

With over 50 years of furnace technology behind it, the CFS 2300 is the most fuel-efficient, user-friendly retort on the market today. The unparalleled installation services and remote monitoring capabilities of Cremation Systems has raised the industry standard of cremation equipment in North America.

We look forward to serving all your crematory needs. Whether human, pet or animal cremation, Cremsys cremation systems offers cremation equipment you can depend on.