Cremation Systems is proud to introduce MOCx TM the only portable/modular crematory system. MOCx TM includes a free standing building, the UL listed CFS 2300 cremation furnace with stack, our CFS “Load Plus” loading lift table and our CFS ”Process Plus” processing station.


  • Multiple floor plans (400/SF shown) 15’ W x 27’ long
  • 3 day installation in the U.S.A.
  • Natural Gas / Propane
  • 230 Single Phase electrical
  • Roll up overhead door(s), man door
  • Mobile utility connection points
  • Flooring Options
  • Structural insulated panels
  • LED lighting
  • 110V Electric outlets
  • Emergency exit lighted sign
  • Emergency eye wash station
  • Emergency first aid kit
  • HVAC wall unit
  • Clean room layouts

MOCx TM offers flexibility with optional layouts.

Some examples are:

  • Add a second crematory in the same room, Separate two exiting units
  • Add an additional section to the middle with two end walls to connect three units together
  • Add standard or BSL level internal walls, or integral, refrigeration room

Our modular crematory system can be erected in 2-3 days and complete installation available in all states.

  • Store 1 or multiple units in strategic locations
  • Quick hook up utilities: natural gas/propane and electrical
  • Install on 4” of concrete/concreate pillars or 6” asphalt
  • Assemble with a fork truck or crane