Cremsys-service-Refractory-Repair-4Cremation Systems’ skilled bricklayers and refractory installation personnel can repair and replace worn and damaged refractories in all types of cremation equipment. We use only premium refractories supplied by top quality vendors, Made in the U.S.A.


Cremsys-service-Refractory-Repair-2All CFS-2300 cremators come standard with easy to replace Quick-Change Hearth Tile. We can also replace worn cast hearth refractory in competitive units with Quick-Change Hearth Tile. Quick Change Hearth Tile are pre fired and require no drying or curing, allowing your retort to quickly return to work. Quick Change Hearth Tile have been successfully operating in Matthews, B&L, and Facultative hearths across the country.


Cremsys-service-Refractory-Repair-3CFS 2300 Retorts are manufactured with efficient, long lasting and easy to service ceramic fiber roofs. Ceramic Fiber roofs can be easily changed in one day without time consuming forming or dry out schedules. Competitors cast roofs are replaced with premium insulating firebrick arches installed by skilled craftsman. A properly designed and installed Insulating Firebrick Arch takes weight out of the retort, allowing for more efficient operation

All firebrick, castable, and ceramic fiber products used in retort repairs are in stock in our centrally located warehouse. All firebrick, castable, and ceramic fiber products used by Cremation Systems are manufactured in the USA.