Power Pak II with new Quick Change Hearth

Cremation Systems’ service technicians inspect, repair, and troubleshoot cremation equipment manufactured by Matthews, B&L Cremation, US Cremation, Facultatieve, CMS, and American. Cremation Systems’ technicians can perform the following services:


Hearth Repair – Cremation Systems can repair or replace worn hearths in cremation retorts.   Wear under burners can often be patched with our premium chemically bonded  refractory patching materials. Cast hot hearths in Matthews, B&L, U.S. Cremations, American, etc.. can often be replaced with our pre-fired Quick Change Hearth Tiles, minimizing turn around time. Quick Change PDF


Annual Inspections – To insure proper and safe performance, equipment manufactures recommend annual inspections. Cremation Systems technicians perform inspection and preventative  maintenance on all types of cremation equipment. A detailed report is generated detailing performance and necessary repairs that must be made to insure system performance.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 86 Edition 2015 Section 7.4 requires annual valve seal leak testing of all safety shut off valves.


Combustion/Control – Cremation Systems service technicians can troubleshoot and service combustion and control systems on most cremation equipment. Our technicians can insure your cremation retort performs per original specifications. Proper combustion settings insure that your equipment gets up temperature and stays there with minimal gas usage.


Emmission Repairs – Cremation Systems technicians can insure that your cremation equipment is operating efficiently without producing excess smoke. We can troubleshoot and and repair emission control systems.

To request an inspection or repair for your cremation equipment, call us at 708-339-6810 or contact us via our email or form.

Cremation Chambers

B&L Cast Hearth—Before

During Hearth Rebuild

During Hearth Rebuild

B&L Unit with new back wall and new QuickChangeHearth

B&L Unit with new back wall and new QuickChangeHearth