tek-marshal-logoCremation Systems’ latest Innovation is Tek Marshal, an industry leading Internet Remote Diagnostic Module for the CFS 2300. Tek Marshal is the most sophisticated Internet Retort Diagnostics product available, it can identify low flame strength signals, tripped relays, blown fuses and more.

Tek Marshal reduces:

  • Retort downtime.
  • Expensive service calls.
  • $150/hr technician.
  • Travel per diem.
  • Lost business. Improves crematory operations and earnings.

How it works

  • Call Cremation Systems on the telephone.
  • Cremation Systems connects your retort via the Internet.
  • Cremation Systems runs Tek Marshal diagnostics and identifies the retort problem.
  • If the spare fuse, scanner, or thermocouple is available, the problem can be solved quickly and easily

quick-hearthTek Marshal™ self diagnosis includes:

  • Fusing for PLC input is good
  • Fusing for PLC output is good
  • Open thermocouples
  • Door up contactor functional
  • Functionality of the door proximity switches
  • Actuators are functional
  • Test all relays for proper function
  • Test afterburner and main burner flame signal strength from low fire to high fire and back down. This test will make sure the burner is above the necessary 1.5 volts at all points of the ramp. Failure could be either a dirty UV scanner or the combustion needs to be tuned
  • Smoke detector is functional (or could need calibration)
  • Blower motor starter is functional
  • Blower overloads are not tripped Low air pressure switch is functional

pdficon_large Click here to download the Tek Marshal data sheet (PDF)