Cremation ChambersCremation Systems’ service department ensures that your CFS 2300 retort will continue to operate like new. Cremation Systems’ skilled Service Technicians provide full service for CFS 2300 cremation retorts, as well as all other manufacturers retorts. Technicians provide retort inspections, and can troubleshoot and repair combustion, control, and mechanical issues that may arise.

Our proprietary Tek Marshal Internet Retort Diagnostics allows Cremation Systems personnel to identify many common causes of retort problems without requiring a visit from a service technician. Tek Marshal is standard on all CFS 2300 cremation retorts.

Cremation Systems provides the following services:

Inspection and Preventative Maintenance

Cremation Systems service technicians provide crematory inspection and preventive maintenance on both Cremation Systems’ CFS 2300 cremation retorts and competitive equipment.

Our annual maintenance plan for all manufacturers models offers a full system inspection and tune-up that includes calibration of emission controls, checking all gas piping for leaks, testing all system safeguards, and inspecting the refractory lining.

Technicians will complete the following:

  • Inspect cremation chamber refractory and insulation
  • Inspect afterburner chamber refractory
  • Test all system safeguards
  • Supply detailed service report

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Cremation Retort Refractory Repair

Service Offered by Cremation SystemsThe hearth in a cremation retort “wears” due to high temperatures, chemical attack, thermal shock and exposure to abrasive elements. Cremation Systems’ Quick Change modular hearth tile system utilizes pre-cast and cured tile specially designed to offer the highest resistance to these adverse conditions.

Cremation Systems’ skilled bricklayers and refractory installation personnel can repair and replace worn and damaged refractories in all types of cremation equipment. All CFS-2300 cremators come standard with easy to replace Quick-Change Hearth Tile. We also stock  Quick Change Hearth tile designed for use in Matthews PowerPak I and PowerPak II retorts, and in B&L N20AA retorts.

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Contract Services

Cremation Systems’ technicians inspect, repair, and troubleshoot cremation equipment  manufactured by Matthews, B&L Cremation, US Cremation, Facultatieve, CMS, and American. Cremation Systems’ technicians can perform the following services:

Hearth Repair – Cremation Systems can repair or replace worn hearths in cremation retorts.   Wear under burners can often be patched with our premium chemically bonded  refractory patching materials.

Annual Inspections -To insure proper and safe performance, equipment manufactures recommend getting an annual preventative maintenance inspection. Cremation Systems technicians perform inspection and preventative  maintenance on all types of cremation equipment. A detailed inspection report is generated detailing performance and necessary repairs that must be made to insure peak performance during the cremation process.

Combustion/Control – Cremation Systems service technicians can troubleshoot and service combustion and control systems on most cremation equipment. Our technicians can ensure your cremation retort performs per original specifications. Proper combustion settings ensure that your equipment gets up temperature and stays there with minimal gas usage.

Emission Repairs – Cremation Systems technicians can ensure that your cremation equipment is operating efficiently without producing excess smoke. We can troubleshoot and and repair emission control systems and exhaust stacks.

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Repair Materials

Cremation Systems can provide repair parts for many makes of cremation equipment. Cremation Systems also provides easy to use refractory materials and patches that can be used to repair and pro-long the life of hearths, arches, and side walls. Please call or email our customer service department for refractory or patching recommendations for your cremation equipment.

Refractory Materials / Patches

  • Rescobond 3000  – Refractory patch for hard refractory surfaces. Excellent for hearth repairs. Dry material – mix with water
  • Phoscast 60 – Fast setting chemically boded patching material – dry, mix with water
  • Blakbond Mortar – Wet Mortar, Use to lay firebrick or for thin patches

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To request an inspection or repair for your cremation equipment or to learn more about our cremation services, call us at 708-339-6810 or contact us via our email or form.