In 2001, seeing a need in the marketplace for local, competent service, industrial furnace manufacturer Armil CFS, Inc entered the cremation market by offering cremation retort repair services to Chicago area cremation providers.Cremation Chambers

After seeing the shortcomings in the equipment available, Armil CFS engineers designed the Cremation Systems CFS 2300, utilizing up to date industrial technology. The CFS 2300 was designed to be easy and efficient to operate. Case data is easily entered with our touch screen controller. This means no timers, switches or guessing for the crematory operator when it comes time to cremate. Through the use of Tek Marshal internet retort diagnostics and remote access, the need for on-sight repair technicians is reduced. Factory personnel are able to provide technical guidance throughout the cremation process.

The CFS 2300 comes equipped with the standard pre-fired Quick Change Hearth™, Fire Marshal monitoring system, and is also available with the Tek Marshal remote diagnostics package, as previously mentioned. An opacity sensor monitors any and all emissions, ensuring that all EPA requirements are met. CFS 2300 units arrive at your site ready to connect to gas and electric, and are installed by Cremation Systems personnel.

Quick Change Modular Hearth

Cremation Systems’ Quick Change modular hearth tile system utilizes pre-cast and cured tile that is optimally designed to offer the highest resistance to adverse conditions. The cremation chamber has a recessed, hot hearth design which is able to accommodate most large cases. Hearth replacement with a traditional cast-in-place hearth requires the use of jackhammers, refractory mixers, specialized labor and on-site curing. The Quick Change system offers the fastest repair option in the industry. Full hearth removal and replacement can be completed in just 1 day. No curing or dry out cycle required!

CFS2300 Human Chamber features include:

• One step, automatic operation – utilization of an advanced “Set Point Programming” to control the temperature for a completely automatic cremation cycle.
• High efficiency refractory lining – a combination of premium firebrick, pre-cast refractory shapes and ceramic fiber insulation for a lightweight, energy-efficient lining
• Hot hearth, recessed design with Quick Change Hearth tiles – Quick Change hearth is a pre-cast refractory tile system. These tiles are in stock, minimizing cremator downtime by allowing for one-day hearth repair and easy sub-hearth access.
• Automatic pollution monitoring and control – An opacity sensor in the CFS 2300 monitors emissions, ensuring EPA requirements are met.
• Touch screen digital controls – Store case data on a flash drive and send it to any PC or smart phone via email!
• PC based data collection
• UL listed
• Capacity 750+ lbs., 150 lbs./hr rate


General Dimensions:

• Height 7′-7 1/2″
• Width 5′-3″, at the control panel 6′-5″
• Length 15′- 4”
• Hearth Area 42″ W x 89 L”
• Door Size 42″ wide x 25″ tall

Utility requirements:

• Natural Gas: 1000 Btu/cu ft, 2,350CFH at 7″ w.c. OR
• Propane: 2500 Btu/cu ft, 940 CFH at 11″ w.c. Electrical 240 v, 1 phase, 40 amp

Other resources:

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Zoning Hearing Prep

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