Cremation Systems service technicians provide full inspection and preventative maintenance on both Cremation Systems’ CFS 2300 cremation retorts and competitive equipment.

  • Cremsys-service--Preventative-Maintenance-2Technicians will complete the following:
  • Inspect chamber refractory and insulation
  • Inspect afterburner chamber refractory
  • Tune and adjust main burner fuel and air to OEM settings
  • Tune and adjust afterburner fuel and air to OEM settings
  • Clean and inspect burner ignition system
  • Check all gas piping for leaks
  • Test all system safeguards
  • Supply detailed service report
  • Supply detailed proposal if additional work is required

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 86 Edition 2015 Section 7.4 requires annual valve seal leak testing of all safety shut off valves.

Please contact our service department at 708-339-6810 to schedule an inspection and insure your equipment remains in compliance.