Cremation Systems can provide repair parts for many makes of cremation equipment. Cremation Systems also provides easy to use refractory materials and patches that can be used to repair and pro-long the life of hearths, arches, and side walls. Please call or email our customer service department for refractory or patching recommendations.


Cremsys-service--Repair-Materials--3Refractory Materials / Patches

Rescobond 3000  – Refractory patch for hard refractory surfaces. Excellent for hearth repairs. Dry material – mix with water

Phoscast 60 – Fast setting chemically boded patching material – dry, mix with water

Blakbond Mortar – Wet Mortar, Use to lay firebrick or for thin patches

SuperDuty Firebrick – Hard firebrick for use in backwalls, sidewalls, jambs

Insulating Firebrick – Efficient low density brick

Ceramic Fiber Caulk – for patching insulating brick or ceramic fiber linings

Morcocast 50 – Castable material for casting hearths or arches



Repair Parts

  • Thermocouples
  • Flame Rods
  • Ignitors
  • Burners