CFS 2300 cremation chamberIs Adding-On or Starting a Cremation Business for You?

The rise in popularity of cremation across the world has many forward-thinking funeral directors considering adding a cremation chamber to their business.  There are advantages to cremation, particularly when it comes to cemetery expenses and access to your loved one’s remains over time. You may have already decided to invest in adding cremation services to your funeral business. Pet crematory equipment is another consideration – as more and more pet owners think about the final resting places of their valued animal companions, offering a pet cremation chamber can be an additional service you can provide to your community as a full-service funeral company.

Choosing the Best Cremation Equipment for Your Funeral Home Is One Factor to Address

One of the biggest steps in starting a cremation business is to choose your cremation equipment. When it comes to your business finances, change that involves a financial impact is not taken lightly. This puts a lot of pressure on choosing the right equipment to cater to your funerary needs.

What to Look for When Selecting Cremation Equipment:

The bottom line is that some research on cremation furnace manufacturers should give you the education needed not only in understanding the types of cremation equipment available, but also the reputation and history of the manufacturers themselves.

What Qualities Comprise the Best Cremation Equipment? A Cremation Chamber Checklist
You may have little to no experience when it comes to cremation. Here are a few things crematory manufacturers think are important qualities to look for in cremation equipment:

Other Important Factors When Starting A Cremation Business – Cremation RESOURCES

The actual cremation equipment is paramount to a successful cremation business, whether you’re starting a stand-alone cremation service or adding one to your existing funeral home. But there are other considerations you MUST consider. These resources will help:

Cremation Systems, a division of Armil CFS, has years of experience in the custom manufacturing of high-temp process equipment, furnaces, kilns and incineration equipment. With almost 50 years of furnace technology behind it, Cremation Systems’ CFS 2300 is the most fuel-efficient, user-friendly cremation chamber on the market today. Cremation Systems latest innovations – Tek Marshal remote diagnostics, Fire Marshal temperature-monitoring and fire-prevention system, and the Quick Change Hearth modular hearth tile – available ONLY in our CFS 2300 cremation equipment – provides our customers with a unit that has the lowest operating cost in the industry. The unparalleled installation services and remote monitoring capabilities of Cremation Systems have raised the industry standard of cremation equipment.

Ready for the next step? We’d love to talk with you and offer objectivity and a frank discussion on your needs. Please reach-out to Cremation Systems via our short form and we’ll respond shortly. Thank you for your interest!

Considering Starting A Cremation Business?
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Considering Starting A Cremation Business?
The rise in popularity of cremation across the world has many forward-thinking funeral directors considering adding a cremation chamber to their business.
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