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Kevin Finnery, Andrea Odom and Tom Krowl.
Within this group there are more than 80 years of furnace engineering, construction, and manufacturing experience ready to deliver creative solutions to your crematory needs.

CFS-2300 Human Cremation Chamber

For more than 40 years Armil CFS Inc has been building state of the art furnaces for their industrial customers in North America. Since September 11, 2001 Armil/CFS Inc has integrated all of the latest advancements in combustion control and refractory technology in their Cremation Chambers for Human and Pet use. Because of the dramatic growth of Cremation, Armil/CFS Inc has created a new company to better serve our customers. This new division of Armil/CFS Inc, is Cremation Systems. Cremation Systems is a leader in technology for cremation equipment and turnkey crematories.

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CFS2300 Data Sheet

CFS 2300 - utilizing the latest in combustion, control, and refractory technology used in industrial equipment installed world wide!