Cremsys provides the best human and pet cremation equipment in North America today.  We have environmental friendly human and pet cremation equipment for sale. All of our cremators are manufactured with a Quick Change Modular Tile Hearth System™ that allows for the fastest repair option in the industry. The benefit of which is to dramatically reduce down time and the cost associated with replacing hearths.

Cremation Equipment for Sale

Cremators from manufacturer and the world leader in safe, efficient and dependable cremation equipment. We manufacture a innovative selection of human cremators and pet incinerators that serve a diverse and growing market world wide. All our cremators define the industry’s standards for safety and easy operation and have the lowest fuel consumption per cremation in the industry, the best cremator.

Cremsys offers many high quality parts and accessories for your human cremation equipment such as:

Human Cremator & Pet Crematories

The new standard in cremator technology is environmentally friendly human and pet cremations. The human cremator is the most innovative incinerator / human cremation oven, less emissions more regulated energy.

What to look for when selecting cremation equipment:

  • Equipment: high quality materials, high production values, high operational efficiency
  • Operation: reliable, safe, environmentally friendly
  • Service: easy to adjust, easy to service/repair
  • Made by experienced manufacturers with a proven history
  • Advanced technology for innovations
  • Fairly priced
  • Meets all EPA and local standards/requirements
  • Built to last, presumably with warranty

Metal Building Crematory Design

For many cremation locations in America, a prefabricated metal building is the most economical type of structure available. Typically, a metal building can be built with office and bathroom facilities for $50/ ft2. Generally a 30′ x 40′ crematory office floor plan can accommodate a Human and Pet retort or two Human chambers. Site conditions and utility access can be variable, but a 1,200 ft2 crematory typically will cost $60,000. Cremation Systems normally delivers a Human retort and accessories, installs the equipment, fires the chamber, and trains your cremationists, for approximately $135,000. Total cost for a suitable metal building* and cremation equipment in most U.S.A. markets is normally less than $200,000.

Why Choose Cremsys for Your Crematory Equipment?

  • Cremation Systems’ hot hearth technology, which eliminates the issues of body fluid leakage
  • Hearth comprised of tile instead of cast refractory, which is more durable and less down time for maintenance
  • Blowers being located on the back of the machine, which gives them a longer lifespan by avoiding wear and tear of heat exposure when installed on top and also causes them to be quieter than typical blowers
  • Cremation Systems cremation chambers pull combustion air from the outside via a duct, reducing noise and increasing safety because they are not taking too much oxygen or gas out of the room
  • The ability of Cremation Systems to not only sell the product but also install it; a feature many competitors neglect
  • Responsiveness and ability of technicians to travel to the crematory site for repairs
  • Decorative retort stack cap add-ons that can be placed on any stack to enhance the appearance of the cremation chamber

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The Leader in Human Cremation & High Quality Incinerators

In 2001, Cremation Systems, a division of Armil CFS, Inc. developed and introduced the CFS 2300 human and pet cremation retort. Founded in 1968 in North America, Armil is a manufacturer of high temperature industrial process furnaces and equipment serving markets such as automotive, aerospace, rail and incineration.

With over 50 years of furnace technology behind it, the CFS 2300 is the most fuel efficient, user friendly retort on the market today. In addition, Tek Marshal, Fire Marshal and the Quick Change Hearth available only in our CFS 2300 cremation machine provides our customers with a unit that has the lowest operating cost in the industry.

The unparalleled installation services and remote monitoring capabilities of Cremation Systems has raised the industry standard of cremation equipment We are one of the largest distributors of high efficiency cremation furnaces in the United States.

We look forward to serving your human crematory and cremation products needs.